School & university

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School and university

School and university

Vocabulary A1: School and universityEvery morning, I take my little sister to school near our house. Sometimes I go into the classroom with her to look at her work. She is learning to read and she loves books.

Vocabulary A1: School and University
I like most of the teachers at my school, but some of them give us too much homework. My favourite subject is history because we have a great teacher who knows how to make her lessons really interesting.

Vocabulary A1 : School and UniversityI am a student at the university here in Liverpool. I am studying maths. I have important exams at the end of the year, so I'm going to have to study very hard for them!

Words for talking about school and university

board (n) A board is the flat black or white surface in a classroom that a teacher writes on.

book  (n)  A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, that are fastened together and fixed inside a cover.

class  (n)  A class is a group of students who learn at school together.

classroom (n)  A classroom is a room in a school where lessons take place.

course (n) A course is a series of lessons on a particular subject.

dictionary (n)  A dictionary is a book in which the words and phrases of a language are listed, together with their meanings.

exam (n) An exam is a formal test that you take to show your knowledge of a subject.

homework  (n) Homework is school work that teachers give to students to do at home.

learn (v) If you learn something, you get knowledge or a skill by studying, training, or
through experience.

lesson (n)  A lesson is a time when you learn about a particular subject.

paper (n) Paper is a material that you write on.

read (v) When you read a book or a story, you look at the written words and understand them.

school (n) A school is a place where people go to learn.

student (n) A student is a person who is studying at a school, college, or university.

study (v) If you study, you spend time learning about a particular subject.

subject (n) A subject is an area of knowledge that you study in school or college.

teacher (n) A teacher is someone whose job is to teach students in a school.

test (n)  A test is a series of questions you must answer to show how much you know
about something.

university (n)  A university is a place where you can study after leaving school.

1- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

board | subject | lessons | learn | exam | school

1 What    is your sister studying at university?
2 I had a maths      last week.
3 I don't like my French teacher. His      are boring.
4 The teacher wrote the answers on the     
5 Ross and I were at    together.
6 Children don't    the names of kings and queens now.

2- Put the correct word in each gap.

read | classroom |learned | books | teacher | lessons

My first school
I started school when I was five. My 1     was called Miss Walton. She was kind, and her 2    were fun. Our 3    was big, and we had low tables and small chairs.
We soon 4    to  5  and write. I loved the big  with lots of pictures.

3- Match the sentence halves.

1 Music and maths are my favourite _____

2 All the students are working hard for their _________

3 If you sit at the back of the classroom, you won't see the ________

4 Every evening Maggie spends an hour doing her _______

5 I liked chemistry and physics at school, so I studied it at ______

6 Everyone studying history must also take an English ________

4- Are the highlighted words correct or incorrect in the sentences?

1 Anna isn't very happy at class

2 I can't find this word in my dictionary

3 Adam is having piano school

4 I am going to university next year.

5 I did all my homework  at the weekend.

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