Talking About People

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Talking about people

Vocabulary A1 : Talking about people
Vocabulary A1 : Talking about people

1- This is my sister Holly. She is 24, and she has two children - a little boy called Zak and a baby girl called Chloe. Holly is a great mum and she is very happy with her young family.
2- This is my mum. She's nearly 60 and I think she is really beautiful. Mum is a teacher. It's a hard job, and she's sometimes tired when she comes home from work.
3-This is my brother James. James is very tall and he loves playing basketball. He's also very clever. He's at university studying politics. He's always talking about politics, which I find quite boring!
4-This is my grandma. She's quite old, and she's very short! I love visiting her because she's so nice, and she makes great cakes! She lives on her own, but she says she's not sad about it because we visit her a lot and she has lots of friends.

Words for talking about people

adult (n) An adult is a fully-grown person or animal.

baby (n) A baby is a very young child.

beautiful (adj)  A beautiful person is very nice to look at.

boring (adj)  Someone or something that is boring is not at all interesting.

boy (n)  A boy is a male child.

clever (adj)  Someone who is clever is intelligent and can think and understand quickly.

girl (n) A girl is a female child.

happy (adj)  Someone who is happy feels pleased.

little (adj)  Something that is little is small.

man (n)  A man is an adult male human.

nice (adj)  If something is nice, it is attractive, pleasant, or enjoyable.

old (adj)  Someone who is old has lived for many years and is not young.

sad (adj)  If you are sad, you feel unhappy.

short (adj)  Someone who is short is not tall.

 slim (adj)  If you are slim, your body is thin in an attractive way.

 small (adj)  If something is small, it is not large.

tall (adj)  If someone is tall, they are higher than most other people.

 tired  (adj)  If you are tired, you feel that you want to rest or sleep.

woman (n)  A woman is an adult female human being.

young  (adj)  A young person, animal, or plant has not lived for very long.

1- For each question, tick the correct answer.

1 The opposite of old is

2 The opposite of tall is

3 The opposite of big is

4 The opposite of interesting is

5 The opposite of sad is

6 The opposite of stupid is

2- Match the sentence halves.

1 Gloria's mother is a

2 My sister is ten

3 You have to be tall

4 Cass was too tired to

5 The baby was crying

6 It's best to learn languages

3- Choose the correct word.

1 Gabrielle doesn't eat chocolate because she wants to keep ______.

2 Ravi wants to be a doctor, but I don't think he's ____ enough.

3 Lily's lucky - her boyfriend is really ______ .

4 I think Eva is more _____  than her sister.

5 I hate talking to Mr Bush because he's so ______ .

6 My aunt is too _____  to have children now.

4- Put the correct word in each gap.

old | happy | young  | clever | man | short

My grandfather
When I was 1     , my grandfather and I played football together a lot. His legs are quite 2    , but he could run very fast. I was always 3  when I was with him.
My grandfather is quite 4  now, so he can't run around any more. I still visit him every week, and we often play chess. He's very 5  , so he usually wins. I don't mind, because he's such a nice 6    and I love spending time with him.

5- Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap.

adults | young | woman | tired | girls | baby

1 This club is for     only.
2 I need to go to bed. I'm really 
3 Kazuo's wife is a very nice 
4 My friend Katie had a   last week.
5 Poppy is too     to walk to school alone.
6 Bella and Stella are the only two  in the children's football club in our town.

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