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1- Match the type of dog below with the job it commonly carries out

Some animals can be trained to work for us; dogs are an example.
guide dog - guard dog - sheep dog  - police dog 

1- rounding up sheep on a farm    

2- sniffing out bombs or chemicals, tracking suspected criminals using scent    

3- helping to lead the blind      

4- protecting a house or its owners from danger of intruders    

2- Sort the following into the correct group

a- Insects : 
Vocabulary : animals

b -

Birds : 

Vocabulary : Birds

c -

- Sea Creatures : 

Vocabulary : Sea creatures

3- Match the collective noun with the correct animal group

a -  ______  elephants


_______ hounds


________ fish


________ bees

e -

_________ sheep

4 - Match the animals with the correct skin covering

feathers - shell - fur - hair - scales

Vocabulary : Animals

1- Bear                          2- Horse   

3- Fish                          4- Tortoise 

5- Birds   

5- Solve the anagrams below using the clues provided

Some animals are associated with certain countries or places.

1 -  a desert animal with one or two humps
on its back      :  L A M C E     

2- an Australian animal which moves by jumping : OKORNAAG     

3- a white bear living in north polar regions   P A R O L     B R A E    

4- a large African river animal with short legs and thick dark skin  A  M P P I T O O H P S U         

5- an African wild animal with a striped body A R E B Z     

6- Read the text and fill the gaps with the correct word in the right form

dog - animal - wolf - mouse - horse

Vocabulary : Animals

Animals appear in many stories for children. Sometimes the animal represents
fear or evil, like the big, bad        in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In such stories, there is invariably a 'happy ending' involving the death of the wolf and a victory of Good over Evil. In other stories, animals are friendly towards humans, like the    Lassie and in the tales of 'The Lone Ranger' where the     , Silver, is shown to have the qualities of loyalty and affection. In the Fables of Aesop,     are given human characteristics, and the stories are used to expose human failings or weaknesses; we are meant to learn a lesson from them.
course, animals have always appeared in cartoons to provide humour, the most famous being Mickey       , Bugs Bunny, and Tom and
Jerry .   

7- Read the sentences and decide which animal is being described

We sometimes attribute certain 'human' qualities to animals. For example, we often describe dogs as being ''faithful'' and a pig as being '' greedy''.

owl - cat - dog - lion - fox - elephant

1 It is sly and cunning.             

2 It is said to be wise.            

3 It is king of the jungle.            

4 It has nine lives.            

5 It never forgets.            

6 It is man's best friend.            

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