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1- Which of the following materials are synthetic (man-made) and which are made from natural fibers?

  • Synthetic

Vocabulary : Clothes


  • Natural

Vocabulary : Clothes

2- Choose from the following to complete the sentences below

fashion - fashionable - out of fashion  - outdated -  old-fashioned

1 Flared trousers and flowery shirts were           in the 1960s and 1970s.

2 Magazines like 'Vogue' provide ideas and information about what's in          at the moment.

3 I was delighted when I came across a(n)          spinning wheel in the antique shop.

4 Platform shoes have been          for a long time but I think they' re going to make a comeback.

5 Food shortages in Russian shops are due in part to the primitive tools and            farming methods used in the agriculture industry there.

3- Read the definitions and then complete the sentences which follow.

Below are three words which describe the way people are dressed.

Smart       ===>          Well-dressed ; neat
Trendy     ===>       Very modern ; of the latest fashion 
Casual      ===>        Informal and comfortable 

1 When I'm not working, I like to wear       clothes around the house.
2 The first time l saw him was at a disco; I remember I was wearing a           mini-dress from my favourite boutique.
3 I' m going to buy a         new suit to wear to the office.

4- Look at the pictures of different styles of knitwear and label them correctly with the following

crew-neck -  cardigan   -  V-neck  -  turtle-neck  - polo-neck

Vocabulary : Clothes                                                                                                               

Vocabulary : Clothes

5- Look at the five items of clothing and choose the most suitable to complete the following sentences:

Vocabulary : Clothes

1 She's got a          she likes to wear in the summer.

2 The old man was wearing                      held up with a brown
leather belt.
3 That                       reminds me of my school uniform!
4 My Mum gave me a hand-                      for Christmas.
5 I bought a                and skirt to wear to the job interview.

6- Look at the pictures and label the following types of tie

 bow tie -  neck tie  -  cravat

Vocabulary : Clothes

7- Complete the sentences with the words from the box in their right forms

button - zip - elastic -  lace - belt

My four-year-old son has already learnt to do up the       on his shoes.
2 The      on my anorak got stuck and I couldn't undo it.
3 One of the       has fallen off my shirt; could you sew it on for me?
4 It's time I bought some new underwear - everything I've got is so old the       has gone.
5 If I didn't wear a      with these trousers, they would probably fall down!

8- With which places do you associate these items of clothing?

Japan - India  - Scotland - Mexico - Ancient Rome 

Vocabulary : Clothes
1- kilt               

2- toga               

3- sari              

4- kimono              

5- poncho              

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