Family & Marriage

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Family and Marriage

If you fill in an official form, such as a census , you nay be asked to to categorize your marital status into one of the following groups : 

* single                 *married
*divorced            * widowed
*separated          * engaged

Now answer the following questions :

1- What's your marital status

2- What's the difference between the following categories ?
        a-  Single  vs  Widowed
        b- Married vs Engaged
        c- Divorced  vs separated
3 - Is moving from a status to status easy for people ? Consider both ways ; positive and negative. Give your opinion and support it with arguments.

1- Match the males with the females in the following categories

bachelor - ex-wife - widow - father-in-law - fiance


















2- Complete these sentences to define the words given below

spinster -  widower - engaged  - ex-wife - fiance

1 A man whose wife has died is a          

2 A woman who has never married is a         

3 A man who is engaged to be married is somebody's        

4 A woman who has divorced her husband becomes his         

5 Before they get married, a couple usually get         

3- Fill the gaps in the text with the following words

weds - married - marriage - wedding

Tom and Laura's       took place on a beautiful day in June. The
priest who         them was an old friend of the family and made them feel very relaxed. After the ceremony, they all went to sign the      certificate and the newly-      joined their family and friends for the reception.

4- Fill the gaps to complete the following sentences. Use marriage or wedding

Do you the difference between the terms '' marriage '' and '' wedding '' ? 

Vocabulary : Family & marriage

Marriage : The legal union of husband and wife 
Wedding : The ceremony and all festivities connected with marriage

1- Do you believe in ______ ? 

2 I've been invited to Paul and Sarah's _____ .

3 Their ______ lasted 22 years.

4 I went to their ______ but the rest of the family didn't approve
of their _____ _

5- Rearrange the letters given in bold type to complete the paragraph.

A wedding in England is a very special occasion which requires months of preparation.
Traditionally, the  RBEDI       wears a long white dress and  ELVI        ; the
 OGROM       wears a suit and all the guests dress up smartly. The bride may be attended by  DIABREMISDS     and/or pageboys while the  ETSB NAM    stands beside the groom.
Special religious songs called  YHSMN     are sung in church and after the MERCENYO    is over, the newly-weds leave the church together and their friends and relatives throw  NOFITCET    over them. Later, everyone enjoys themselves at the reception, where they eat a wedding breakfast and toast the UPOLCE    before they leave for their  NYONOEHMO       .

6- Look at the sketch below and label the following

bride - groom - bouquet - veil - ring - best man - bridesmaid -  priest

Vocabulary : Family & marriage









7- Fill the gaps in the following sentences

going out with  - am close to - keep in touch with -  left on the shelf

1 My sister's been           her boyfriend for over two years but
I don't think they' II get married.

2           my parents even though I don't live at home any more.

3 I still           my French penfriend and I hope one day she' II
come and visit me.

4 She's thirty-five, still single and starting to feel as though she's

8- Choose from the prefixes below to complete the following sentences

un- ex- re- be-

1 I' II        name my children after I get divorced.

2 My        -husband's family don't speak to me any more.

3 She became another      married mother living in the city.

4 He's been very      happy since the divorce.

5 I tried to        friend her but she preferred to be on her own.

9- Check your understanding

1- What is your present marital status? _______

2 A man who has never been married is called a _____ _

3 ______ is often thrown at the couple during the wedding.

4 The bride throws her ______ of flowers over her shoulder
after the wedding.

5 People who are members of the same family are called
relations or _____

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