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1- Find out what the following abbreviations stand for.

Letter writing is bound by certain conventions, as are all forms of communication , written or spoken.

1- i.e.                                          2- P.S.                                              
 3- w.p.m.                                  4- R.S.V.P.                                                     
5- R.S.V.P.                               6- C.O.D.                                                  
7- C.V.                                       8-  etc.                                         

2- look at the keyboard of a typewriter or a computer and find and write down the following punctuation items

1-full stop                                2-exclamation mark              

3-comma                                 4-question mark                       

5-capital 'a'                             6-colon                                     

7-dash                                     8-semi-colon                       

9-brackets                             10-apostrophe                     

11-quotation marks             12-asterisk                           

3- Put the following units of language into order of' size':

Sentences are the basic units of written language. They are made up of words and put together to form paragraphs.


Vocabulary : Letters







4- Match the following words into pairs which have similar meanings

author  - memo -  pamphlet -  jot down
Vocabulary : Letters

1- note                           

2- write                                  

3- writer                                                 

4- brochure                               

5- Match the following with their respective meanings

document - memo - file - disk - stationery

1- A note circulated in an office between certain individuals       

2- A piece of computer hardware which stores information   

3- Pens, paper clips and other office equipment              

4- A piece of paper with official information on it               

5- A place where papers etc. are kept for reference purposes, often in alphabetical order          

6- Use the words provided below to complete the text of this business letter

candidate - position - referees - application - recommended - temporary - qualifications - experience                                                                                      

                                                                                                P. Trumper Esq.

                                                                                                Barsted Philharmonic

                                                                                                 Lamed Ave.
                                                                                                 London W12

Mr D. Fiddle
36 Cold Corner Terrace
London E16

Dear Mr Fiddle,

Thank you very much for your letter of        and C.V., which we
read with great interest. Your          from the University of
Dullshill and relevant        of working with composers made you
a very strong        and it is therefore with regret that I must inform you that we are unable at this time to offer you a permanent        as concert violinist. However, I have        you to the board and there is a possibility of a        post becoming vacant in the near future. If you would provide the names and addresses of two        the board will contact you to let you know if you have been successful. The details of your letter will, of course, remain strictly confidential.

Yours sincerely,
P. Trumper

7- Choose the word which best completes the following sentences

1- The office junior usually gets the job of making coffee and opening
the _____ _

2 If you have something valuable to send in a parcel, it's advisable to
send it by _______ post.

3 He _______ off for the brochure three weeks ago but it still
hasn't arrived.

4 Thank you for your letter which I _______ this morning.

5 The furniture which I __________ was damaged in transit and I would like a complete refund or a replacement.

8- Use the abbreviations in the box to complete the following sentences

   w.p.m  -  i.e. -  P.S.  -   C.V.  - etc   -  C.O.D  -   R.S.V.P  -   a.s.a.p

1 Send an up-to-date copy of your        along with your
job application.
2 She's a fast typist; she can do over 90      
3 The vacancy has been filled,       the job no longer exists.
4 If you want to swim, bring your bathing costume, a towel,
5 You pay a small deposit now and the rest is      
6 I' m sorry about the delay. Your order will be sent      
7 I' II write again soon. Love from Daniel.       Did you see the match on Saturday?
8 You are invited to a party to c elebrate the engagement of Peter and
Sonya.      by 11th April. 

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