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Astrology is just one of many ways which people use to try to find out 
what is going to happen in the future.

Can you match the signs of the zodiac with their Latin names ?

The Twins - The Crab - The Goat - The Fish - The Virgin - The Bull -  The Archer - The Scorpion
-The Water-carrier -  The Lion  - The Ram - The Scales - The Fish 

Vocab : Predictions

Cancer                                      Leo                  

Sagittarius                              Taurus     

Capricorn                                Gemini     

Aquarius                                  Scorpio     
Pisces                                        Libra           

Aries                                           Virgo         

2- Do you know whether the following are considered omens of good or bad luck? Tick the right option..

Tip : If you believe that certain things are signs of  bad luck 
and others of good luck that you are said to be superstitious.

a-   walking under a ladder


finding a penny


opening an umbrella in the house


putting new shoes on the table 


hanging a horseshoe in your house


breaking a mirror

2- g

seeing a black cat crossing your path


a four-leaf clover

3- Match the expressions

The following are expressions connected with luck. Can you match the expression with the situation in which it is used?

a- When someone is going to take an exam, go to an interview, start a new job, etc.


- In the theatre, actors say this to one another to bring good luck.


- When you have narrowly avoided misfortune


- When someone fails a test or exam


- When someone wins at a game, and has never played the game before

4- Match the method with its definition:

1 Palmistry 2 Astrology 3 Graphology 4 Tarot

1- The study of handwriting which claims to be able to reveal secrets about the person's life and/or personality           

2- Predicting the future by studying the movements of the stars and planets        

3- Revealing secrets about an individual's past, present and future by means of a set of special cards         

4- Using the lines on the palm of the hand to predict future events         

5- Match the following to make expressions connected with prediction

in fate - tea leaves - a crystal ball - the future - someone good luck
vocabulary : predictions

1 to wish                       

2 to believe                         

3 to predict                  

4 to read                  

5 to gaze into                  

6 - Match the following with their opposites:

logic - misfortune - disbelief - unlucky 

Vocabulary : predictions

1- good luck                     

2- belief                   

3- lucky                  

4-  superstition                  

7- Fill the gaps in the following sentences with the correct word

                      fortune - chance - bargain - opportunity - luck

Vocabulary : predictions

1 By          , I had my camera with me at the time of the accident.

2 I hope I have the          to meet your parents over the weekend.

3 They say you' II have bad          for seven years if you break a mirror.

4 He worked hard at his career and fame and          seemed to follow him wherever he went.

5 At these low prices, everything' s a          

8- QUIZ - How superstitious are you?

Do this simple quiz to find out whether you depend on logic or superstition to get you through life!

Vocabulary : Predictions

0- 5 : You are a true sceptic! Your feet are firmly on the ground and you don't wait for luck to come to you; you go out and get it for yourself!
6-11 : You are quite superstitious, but you have a logical head on your shoulders.
12-15 : You are extremely superstitious. Look out for those ladders!

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