Unit 15 : Sport & Fitness

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1- Where might the following sports be played?

rink - ring  - pitch  -   court  -  track -  course

Vocabulary : Sport & fitness

1 boxing         

2 football     

3 tennis       

4 golf           

5 skating     

6 athletics     

2- Choose the correct word to complete the following sentences.

a- Concerts are sometimes held in the Olympic _____

b- Don't ______ against that window; it's not very safe. 

c- The football match was postponed because the ______ was waterlogged. 

d- Athletics consists of track and ______ sports such as running, the high jump, the javelin. 

 e- The team felt at an advantage since they were playing (on their) home _____ .

3- Match the following pieces of equipment with the sport in which each is used
Vocabulary : Sport & fitness

  • a-  stick 

  • b- club 

  • c- racquet 

  • d- bat 

4- Match the sport with the scoring system used

try - run  - round  - goal  - point 

Vocabulary : Sport & Fitness
1 tennis             

2 football       

3 cricket         

4 rugby           

5 boxing         

5- Which sports do you associate with the following expressions? I

  • a- knock-out 

  • b- hole in one

  • c- bull's-eye

  • d- hat-trick 

6- Match the following ways with the appropriate sport

tee off - bat - serve - kick off

Vocabulary : Sport & Fitness

1 tennis               

2 football           

3 cricket           

4 golf               

7- Fill the gaps in the sentences below using the verbs given in the box

bend - stretch - climb - lean - push

1 The average housewife has to       the stairs about 22 times a day.
2 Don't      against that window; it's not very safe.
3 To do this exercise, you have to    from the hips and touch your toes.
4 We had to      the car to the side of the road and wait for the mechanic to arrive.
5 If you stand on tiptoe and       your body upwards, you might be able to touch the ceiling .

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