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1- Sort the means of transport into the correct categories

Below are words connected with various means of transport.

Railway : 
Vocabulary : Travel


Plane : 

Vocabulary : Travel


Car : 

Vocabulary : Travel

2- Select the correct word from those given to complete the sentences below

a - There's a _______  We have to take a different route.

b- Let's take the _________  to avoid the traffic jams in town. 

c- Some trains have been ________  because of staff shortage.

d- If you don't want to get into trouble with the police, keep within the________  limit. 

e- Motorways and dual carriageways have more than one traffic ________.

3- Fill the gaps in the dialogue below using the following words

set -  keep - reach - get - junction

A : Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the leisure centre, please?
B: Yes, of course. You        going until you         the first        . Turn right and then take the first left after the railway crossing. Keep going until you        to the second        of traffic lights. The leisure centre is on your right.
A: Thank you.

4- Fill the gaps in the text below to complete the paragraph

vehicles -  priority - pavements - emergency - way

Police cars, fire engines and ambulances have special        on the road. In an     , they do not have to stop at traffic lights, can mount      to avoid obstacles in their way and other drivers must keep to the left in order to leave space for these         to pass. The noise of the siren tells other road users to make         

5- Match the following well-known engineering feats with the correct description

The Channel Tunnel  -  The Menal Bridge -  The Grand Canal  - The Ml - Spaghetti Junction 

1- It joins the mainland of Wales to the island of Anglesey          
2- This provides a transport system for the inhabitants of Venice.            

3- This is the name of an important motorway in Britain.              

4- An ambitious project which aimed to provide an undersea link between England and France            

5- The name given to a place in the Midlands where a number of important roads meet          

6- Choose the correct phrase to complete the expressions appropriately

There are a number of different names for the places where we walk or drive. Below are some.

alley - avenue - lane -  street - road

Vocabulary : Travel

1 a tree-lined        

2 a country       

3 Oxford         

4 a back           

5 a one-way         

7- Label the cars correctly using the words given in the box

boot - bumper - bonnet  - headlight -  number plate  - tyre -  roof  rack

Vocabulary : Travel








8- Match the following vehicles or vessels with the correct sketches (write only numbers)

Vocabulary : Travel
1 hot-air balloon              
2 submarine                      
3 canoe                              
4 spaceship                      
5 helicopter                       
6 caravan                           

9- Now use this vocabulary to do the exercise below

a- You paddle this down a river.  _______

b - A kind of house on wheels __________________

c- An underwater naval vessel  ____________________

d- This is not an aeroplane but it can take you high up into the clouds __________

e- We crossed the sea by this instead of by boat.  __________

f- A vehicle for travelling to the moon or to other planets ________

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