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1- What kind of jobs have you had (part-time and full-time)?
2- What is your dream job?
3- Are there any jobs you would refuse to do, regardless of the pay?
4- Who has the best job in the world? Why do you think so?

1-Below are 12 words which are all somehow connected with the office workers. select the connected words..

clerk- computer -businessman -printer -telephone- colleague -secretary- manager- fax machine- typewriter -director- answering machine

 Office worker  : 

WorkersCan you relate the rest of the words to a specific category.

2-Match the following words.

colleague - office - win - wage - work


1 - Earn  :                 
2- Salary:                      

3 - Workmate:                      

4 - Job:                      

5 - Factory:                      


3-Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences

Language Point :  The difference between "earn" and "win"
Earn :  To get money by working / to get paid for a job   e.g : earn money.
Win :    1- To gain victory in a game , contest  ,etc.  win a match.
               2- To obtain a prize in a competition etc.  often by luck. e.g : He won $20 in the drawing competition .

1- Factory workers are paid a weekly  _________.


 Teachers are being offered __________  of over £15,000 a year. 


I had a part-time _______ as a gardener when I was a student.


He doesn't _________ enough to support his family.


Workers at the car __________ complained about the noise of the new machinery.


She discussed with her________ the possibility of a promotion to senior manager.


The lawyer's_________ is on the third floor.


If I  ________ the lottery, I' II buy you a car.

4-Match the following verbs and noun phrases to form expressions which appear in the text

In recent years, there has been a fashion for starting small businesses, e.g. small restaurants, services or shops. It takes a lot of courage and usually some financial aid in the form of a bank loan to set up your own business. It means taking a risk, too, because you can never be sure if your business will be a success. You could find yourself owing a lot of money to the bank, or, in the worst of circumstances, you could even 'go bust'. On the other hand, you could earn a good living if you are prepared to work hard who knows? You could even become a millionaire!

a living - bust - a business - a risk - a success 

1 to set up :                        

2 to take :                          

3 to be :                               

4 to go :                        

5 to earn :                        

Reading : Work-from-Home Scams

Vocabulary : WorkReading : Work-from-Home Scams

If you search the Internet for ‚Äúwork-from-home‚ÄĚ opportunities, you will find hundreds of jobs promising fast cash with limited effort. These companies are seeking people to assemble products, mail letters, or make telephone sales calls. The problem is, many are illegitimate and may actually scam you out of your own money. There are several things to watch out for when considering a work-fromhome job. First, be wary of any organization that asks you for an initial investment. For example, if the job is to assemble products, you might be asked to purchase the instructions and materials up front. When you return the assembled products, they tell you they do not meet specifications. You are out of money, with no chance of profiting from your initial investment. Another scam is when the company offers to advance your salary as a supposed sign of good will. You deposit the check in the bank, and before the check has cleared, the company tells you they accidentally overpaid you. After you have paid back a portion, you discover their check was not legitimate. Now you have paid money from your own pocket and do not have any money from the company. A good rule is to stick to jobs that require some skills, like a license or certificate, or some experience. It might be worthwhile to get the qualifications you need so that you can legitimately make money later. Also, ask the company to provide references who can tell you about their work experiences. If the company cannot, or will not, do this, it is probably illegitimate. Working from home can be a wonderful opportunity, but as with any job, you want to be sure it will be something that is beneficial and improves the quality of your life.

Discuss the following questions.
1. What is a popular employment scam in your country?
2. Who, in your opinion, bears more responsibility for a work-at-home scam:
the company that commits the crime, or the person who falls for their tricks?

5-Complete the following table with the correct form of the words








   life / living











6-Use the information above to fill the gaps in these sentences:

1 My parents          me to train as an accountant.

2 The shop's          locks up at the end of the day.

3 You can't get rich without taking a few          

4 I took the exam but unfortunately I wasn't          

5 My grandfather           to the age of ninety-eight.

7- Fill the gaps in the sentences below with the correct forms of the words in the box:

lend - owe - borrow - debt - loan

I         a romantic novel from the library.

2 I'm going to ask my father for a       of £.500 so I can buy a motorbike.
Do you think he' II agree?

3 If I      you this shirt I know I' II never get it back in one piece.

4 I've spent so much money this month that I' II soon be running into      .

5 I'm still waiting for you to give me back that fiver you       me.

8- The words in the box below can be combined with the word work. Sort them into two groups, those which can precede and those which can follow 'work':

____________ work



9- Complete the following sentences with the correct compound:

A work      arrived yesterday to put up a new fence.

2 Many women complain that their husbands don't do any      work .

3 Employees are demanding higher wages to compensate for their increased  work  .

4 For your    work  , complete Exercise l 0 in your work .

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