What Are You Interested In?

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1- a)  Work with a partner. Write the verbs from the box on the correct lines to complete the phrases.
                        go - play - watch - listen  -read







b)  Which things from activity 1a do you do?

c) Use phrases from activity 1a to complete each statement below. More than one phrase is possible for each statement.

example People who listen to heavy metallike music.

1- People who… like music.
2- People who… like sports.
3- People who… like history.
4- People who… like outdoor activities.
5- People who… like politics.
6- People who… like the cinema.


2 a) Work with a partner. Complete the table below with the phrases from the list below.
I really like -  I like -  I quite like -  I don’t really like -  I don’t like


3 a) Read the newspaper advertisement and answer the questions below.

1 What is the advertisement for?
2 How much is the rent?
3 Who should you call if you want to answer the advertisement?

b) David wants to be Polly’s flatmate.Listen to Polly interview David and tick the correct boxes to say what Polly and David like.



4 a )  Who says the things below? Tick what Polly says .

4 b)

 Do you think David would be a good flatmate for Polly?

Language Focus

1. We can talk about likes and dislikes indifferent ways. 

2. We can use really and quite after be and before other main verbs to make our statements stronger or weaker.

Questions and short answers

What are you interested in?

Do you like politics?
Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
Are you into music?
Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

Write the words in the correct order to make sentences.

a hate / to / the dentist / I really / going     I really hate going to the dentist.
b I’m not / hiking / really / into                           
c cooking / enjoy / do / you                                  
d into / tennis / she’s / really                               
e interested / in / what / you / are                      
f in / quite / foreign films / he’s / interested     
g new / people / they / really / love / meeting    

Sounding Natural

Sounding Natural
Listen. What sound can you hear in the underlined parts of the sentences?

Time to speak

8 a) Read the questions below and make a note of your answers.

1. Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
2. Do you like listening to classical music?
3. Are you interested in politics?
4. Are you into playing sports?
5. What music do you like?
6- ............................. ?
............................. ? 
............................ ?

b) Write three more questions about likes and dislikes and add them to the list in activity 8a.

9 a) Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions from activity 8.
Ask more questions to get extra information and decide if you would be good flatmates.

A: Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
                  B: Not really.
                  A: Why not?

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