What is it like ?​

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What is it like? How is it done?

What is it like? How is it done?

Yesterday, I went to see my little sister and her friends doing a concert at their school, I got there early so that I could sit at the front. My sister plays the piano, and I was surprised, because I had no idea she was so good! Her friend plays the violin, and they played some pieces together. The last piece was really difficult. It was very fast, but they played it really well.

Last night, Tom and I went to the French restaurant in town for the first time. Everything was really slow. It took more than an hour to get our food. Tom asked to have his steak without the sauce, and the waiter told him that was not possible! The food was very poor, and the restaurant didn't look very clean. One thing is certain - well never go there again!

Good to know 

Be careful to use always avid never in the right place in a sentence.
They usually come before the verb:
Marie always has eggs fo r breakfast.
They never talk to me.
However, they come after the verb be:
Hal is always late.
My brother is never home.

always (adv) If you always do something, you do it whenever a particular situation happens.
bored (adj) If you are bored, you are not interested in something or you have nothing to do.
careful (adj) If you are careful, you think a lot about what you are doing so that you do not make any mistakes.
clean (adj) Something that is clean is not dirty.
correct (adj) Something is correct when it is right or true.
difficult (adj) Something that is difficult is not easy to do, understand, or deal with.
early (adv) Early means before the usual time or at the beginning of the day.
fast (adj) Something or someone that is fast is quick.
first (adv) , (adj) First means coming before all the others.
funny (adv-j) Someone or something that is funny is amusing and likely to make you smile or laugh.
good 1 (adj) Good means pleasant or enjoyable.
             2 (advj Good means of a high quality or level.
last 1 (adj) The last event, person, or thing is the most recent one.
          2 (adj) The last thing, person, event, or period of time is the one that happens or
comes after all the others of the same type.
never (adv) Never means at no time in the past, the present, or the future.
OK (adj) If something is OK, you are allowed to do it.
poor (adj) Something that is poor is bad.
possible (adj) If it is possible to do something, that thing can be done.
quick  (adj)  Something that is quick takes or lasts only a short time.
slow (adj) If something is slow, it does not move or happen quickly.
time (n) When you talk about a time when something happens, you are referring to a specific occasion when it happens.
together (adv) If people do something together, they do it with each other.
well (adv) If you do something well, you do it in a good way.

1- For each question, tick the correct answer

1 We laugh when something is  _____


2 When we have nothing to do, we are ______


3 We wash things to make them ______


4 Learning English is sometimes ______


5 Living without water is not ______


6 When we use a knife, we must be ______

2- Choose the correct word.

1 What is the ______ answer?


2 What time is the _______  train to London?


3 I have a ______ shower every morning.


4 Bill is usually the _____ person to arrive.


5 The teacher gives us ______ work to do.


6 I would like a _______ plate, please.

3- Put each sentence into the correct order.

1 never / reads / books / my sister /.
2 very poor / Ivan's / English / is / .
3 the piano / Anna / plays / very well / .
4 together / school / we always / walk to /.
5 a very / is / this / slow train / .
6 OK to take / is / this chair / it / ?

4- Put the correct word in each gap.

last | poor | early | clean | slow | good | difficult

1 The opposite of dirty is        

2 The opposite of bad is          

3 The opposite of quick is         

4 The opposite of first is        

5 The opposite of easy is        

6 The opposite of late is        

5- Put the correct word in each gap.

together | possible| bored | funny| good | always

When the weather is 1           , my friend Alex and I often go to the beach
2           It is not 3           to be 4           with Alex. He
5           thinks of things to do and he makes me laugh a lot because he is very 6          

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