How Are You Lately?

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Look at the adjectives below and tell which ones describe you these days and why.

.busy                           .stressed                            . relaxed                           .happy                             . bored


Listen to the people talking. Number the pictures in the order you hear them.




Listen again and write True or False next to the sentences below.

1 Miguel is really busy these days.

2 Miguel always works four days a week.

3 Takashi usually works in the accounts department.

4 Takashi usually finishes at six o’clock.

5 Andy is on holiday.

6 Andy is stressed.

Which person makes the statements below? Write the correct name next to the statements.

1 I’m working in the accounts department at the moment because they’re busy. I usually finish at six o’clock, but nowadays I’m working until ten o’clock.  
2 I’m enjoying a holiday in Australia and I’m feeling very relaxed. I’m learning how to scuba dive.  
3 I’m studying for my final exams next week. So, nowadays I’m working four days a week.  

Who do you think is the busiest at the moment?
Who is the most relaxed?
Who is the most stressed?

Language Focus

We can use the present continuous to talk about what’s happening around now.

be + –ing form of the verb
Miguel’s working extra days at his part-time job.
I’m studying for my final exams.
He’s on holiday. He isn’t thinking about work.

We don’t use the present continuous to talk about routines.

X I’m always reading before I go to bed.
I always read before I go to bed.

We can use time expressions in questions to make it clear we are talking about what’s happening around now.

What are you doing these days?
Where are you living nowadays?
What are you doing at work at the moment?

Select the correct options to complete the postcard below.

Dear Maria
Hi, how are you? I 1-___ a great time
in England. I 2- _____to lots of interesting
places. My host mother is a really good cook.
I 3- ______ lots of new people and I
4- ______ lots of new friends at the
It 5- _____ now, but the weather is
usually quite good this time of year. There are
lots of different kinds of food, but I 6- ____ any good Mexican restaurants! I
miss you.

Sounding Natural

Listen and tick  a or b to say which sentence sounds more natural.

Time to speak

Use the prompts below to make notes about what you’re doing in your life at the moment.

You are two old friends that meet at a reunion. Ask questions to find out what your partner is doing these days. Make a note of your partner’s answers in the table above.
Example A: It’s really good to see you! What are you doing nowadays?
                   B: Well, I’m married and raising my two sons.

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