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1-Complete the text using the following words :

aren’t really expected-are vital-are -are -English is mandatory-has had to-was required-must do-is essential- should be- is called upon

Yasmine is a very special person. At the age of twenty-seven she is a pilot with DRING flying company, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines. Globally, only 2% of pilots are female, so Yasmine 1 has had to show great courage and determination to realise her dream of ­ flying passengers all over the planet. ‘Women 2           to be in the cockpit,’ she says, ‘particularly in this part of the world.’

 So how did she make it? For her twenty-‑ first birthday present she was given ­ flying lessons and within six months she had been accepted onto the DRING  pilot training scheme.

A lot of hard work 3           but she made good progress and got a lot of support from her male classmates. ‘A pilot 4             to make a lot of quick decisions and a calm manner 5           , particularly when ­ flying in bad weather,’ Yasmine goes on.

‘Good communication skills 6              because you are constantly in communication with your co-pilot and air-trac control, for which good knowledge of 7       .

’ Many passengers are surprised to see that Yasmine is their pilot and this adds a little pressure. ‘As a woman I feel I 8        an even better job so that I make a good impression not just for the airline but for my gender.

I feel there 9             more female pilots and that I am a role model for girls who might want to follow the same career.

2- Type the correct words to complete the text.

Many people think that my job working on a trawler is dangerous but my employers 1 are intended / are required / must to do a thorough risk assessment to make sure it is as safe as possible. We are away for up to two weeks at a time because we are 2 expected / known / wanted            to come back to port only when we have caught our target weight of fi sh. We 3 are / have to / need           work twelve to fourteen hours a day and an ability to work even when seasick is 4 definite / optional / mandatory        . Strength and good balance are 5 fine / essential / useless      and 6 you can / you’ve got / you must       to be able to work as part of a team. Sleeping facilities are limited so a willingness to share bunks is 7 good / needy / vital      . We live and work in close proximity to each other so a good sense of humour is also a 8 rule / use / requirement           .

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