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Warming Ups

Answer the following questions

What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘work’?
Are you interested in working?
Someone said work is for horses and idiots, do you agree?
What would life be like if we did not have to work?
Would you like to work in your own business?
Would you like to work in another country?


Fill in the blanks as you listen to the dialog .

Rafael: Hello. (1)                Ariel.
Ariel: (2)            . Is there a problem?
Rafael: Not at all. It’s (3)               .
Ariel: (4)          concerned?
Rafael: Take it easy. You’re (5)             here.
Ariel: Thanks. (6)          .
Rafael: You work all day long, (7)               .
Ariel: (8)             that you noticed.
Rafael: In fact, we’re (9)           and a 5% pay raise.
Ariel: That’s great! It will be nice (10)             .

Useful Expressions

Make complete sentences by writing the best expression in each blank.

a. Just to get by, they have to _______________ they can.

b. His appearance was _____________ what I expected.

c. ________________ I worked like a slave.

d. They always say _______________ before they give me bad news.

e. We won’t have to work on Christmas. _____________________.

Listening & Speaking

Model Dialog
Listen as the teacher reads the model dialog.
Scenario – Danny, a young student, and his father are at home talking about his job at a factory.)

Danny: Dad, tell me about your work.
Father: Not much to tell.
Danny: Aw, come on. Is it some kind of secret?
Father: Not at all, son. What do you want to know?
Danny: Is it hard?
Father: It’s pretty hard work. I sure am tired at the end of the day.
Danny: What do you do?
Father: All day long, I load appliances onto trucks.
Danny: What kinds of appliances?
Father: The big stuff. Freezers, washing machines, dryers.
Danny: That does sound tiring. Why don’t you get an easier job?
Father: Where I work pays one of the highest salaries in town.
Danny: We don’t need very much. Why don’t you just take it easy?
Father: I have to save every penny I can for your college.
Danny: If I get into college, Dad, I promise I’ll do my best.
Father: That’s a big relief. Study hard and you can live better than this.

Guided Speaking

With a partner, take turns completing the answers to the questions.

my mom is a secretary at a doctor's office - too many problems every day - about right for the work we do - 7 A.M. to 6 P.M., six days a week - enjoy the view from our office windows - really good people, like family

 What do you know about your parents’ jobs?
I know that (1)            .
 How long do they work each day?
From (2)               .
 What are the worst things about those jobs?
There are (3)            .
 What do you like most about the job?
I (4)                   .
 What do you think about the pay?
It’s (5)                        .
 How do you feel about the people you work with?
They’re (6)              .


Ranking Tables
Read the table below that shows some of the most demanding jobs.

How tired are workers at the end of an average workday? There was an investigation to examine
which jobs have the greatest number of exhausted employees. Some jobs rank as the most demanding in terms of long work hours, life-threatening situations, stress, physical demands, and responsibility for the lives of others while on the job. The table shows the seven most demanding jobs.


1. Look at the table above, and complete the sentences below.

a.     is reported as the job with the highest physical demand, while     is the job with the lowest physical demand among the jobs listed.
b. The three jobs with the highest stress are               .
c. The annual income of surgeons is       with         work hours per week.
d. Write the numbers of the jobs from most to least physically demanding.         .

Focus on Usage (expressions for making suggestions)

Focus on Usage (expressions for making suggestions)

Why don’t you get an easier job?
Why not apply for the job?
What do you say we go to the Career Development Center to search for jobs?
• You might want to see the manager in person.
Would you mind if I opened the window?

Reading and Discussions

Read the following passage, and answer the questions.
Use the words provided below each question.

A Risky Job
Michael Schumacher will be remembered as one of the world’s greatest racing-car drivers. Many of his victories in Formula One motor racing, the highest class in motor sports, have ensured that it will be many years before his records are beaten. Schumacher was born in 1969 in Hurth, Germany. He began karting at a very young age. Karts are small racing vehicles. Even children are allowed to drive around special karting tracks. Michael was the youngest member to join the karting club near his home.
Michael’s father built him his first kart, and he soon won his first club championship at the age of six. In 1980, when Michael was eleven, his father took him to Belgium to the World Karting Championship. Michael decided then that he wanted to make motor racing his career. Four years later, he won the German Junior Karting Championship. By 1987, Michael had become the German and European Kart Champion. It was now time for Michael to begin his career on the race track. To do this, he needed sponsors. Fortunately, he soon found them, and over the next few years he gradually moved up in the motor racing world. Eventually, he joined a Formula One team. In 1994, Michael became a World Champion, which he repeated a year later. He joined the Ferrari™ team in 1996 and drove to many victories. He is a seven-time World Champion and has over ninety career wins. Michael retired in 2006 as one of the world’s finest racing-car drivers.

kart: a small, open, four wheeled vehicle used in motor sports
gradually: in a step-by step manner
eventually: at last; in the end
career: profession or occupation to which one is committed
retire: to withdraw from one’s occupation

1. According to the reading passage, why will Schumacher be remembered as one of the world’s greatest racing-car drivers?

club, six, seven, ninety, career

Your answer may begin like: He is a seven-time World ....

2. Do you know any jobs that are as risky as those of racing-car drivers?
police officer, doctor, driver, public transit, patient, crime, workplace

Your answer may begin like: I think every job has its own risk, but some have more risks than others. First, police officers; they work in high-crime areas. Second, ....

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