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Work with a partner. Use the words from the box to complete the diagram below.

last night - last Saturday - last Sunday - last weekend - this morning - today - yesterday - yesterday morning





Write the words from the box next to the verbs in the table. Some words can go with more than one verb.

around the world - born - children - Italian - married - to school

be born                   - children - married
go                             - around the world
travel                    - to school

Think of one more word or phrase that can go with each verb in the previous activity . Write them next to the verbs they can go with.


Look at the stamps . Discuss what you know about the people in the pictures.

A: Who’s this?
                     B: I’m not sure. A Queen of England, I think.

Read the information in the tables about the people in the pictures, then complete the activities below.

a Write ‘Freddie’ or ‘Victoria’ to complete the statements.

1 Victoria was the Queen of England.
2   was a rock star.
3   was born in London, in the United Kingdom.
4   spoke German, English, French and Hindustani.
5   didn’t get married.
6   travelled all over the world.

b Write one word or number from the tables to answer each question below.

1  What year was Freddie born?                                      
2 What was Freddie’s first language?                             
3 How many daughters did Victoria have?                   
4 When did Victoria die?                                                    

Select Yes or No to answer each question below.

1 Was Victoria a rock star?

2 Did Freddie go to school in India?

3 Did Victoria like painting?

4 Did Freddie have children?

Use the prompts in parentheses to complete the dialogue below. Use the auxiliary verb did where necessary.

A - What did you do (you/do) last night?
B - I   (work) late.
A - What time    (you/finish)?
B - About nine o’clock.
A -    (you/go) for a drink?
B - No, I   (be ) tired, so I   (go) home.
A -   (you/cook)  dinner?
B - No, I just    (get) a takeaway and    (watch) TV

Sounding Natural

Listen. How do we say the underlined parts of the sentences below?

Time to speak

Read the questions below and make a note of your answers.Write three more questions.

1. What did you have for breakfast yesterday morning?
2. Did you go for a drink last weekend?
3. Who did you see last Saturday?
4. Did you have a lie-in last Sunday?
5. _______________?
6. _______________?
7. _______________?

Answer the questions.

A: What did you have for breakfast yesterday morning?
                   B: I didn’t have breakfast.
                   A: Why not?
                   B: I was late for work!

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