To Be (affirmative)

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1- Write “correct” or “false” .

1 a) She’s a pilot.       

  1. b) She’s an pilot.     

2 a) He’s a taxi driver.       

  1. b) He’s an taxi driver.     

 3 a) I’m a police officer.         

  1. b) I’m an police officer.         

4 a) Joseph’s a teacher.         

  1. b) Joseph’s an teacher.       

2-Type the correct word to complete the sentences.

1 She am / are / is            a teacher.

 2 I am / are / is                    from Paris, France.

3 We am / are / is                accountants.

4 What am / are / is                  your job?

5 Yasmine am / are / is            a teacher.

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