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Verb to be Am/is/arefill in the blanksPractice
Verb to beAm / is / areComplete the sentences with is, am or are.Practice
Verb to beTo Be1-Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.Practice
Verb to beTo Be (affirmative)Write “correct” or “false” .Practice
Verb to beTo Be (short answers)
Rearrange the words to make questions or short answers.Practice
Verb to beNegation bePut the sentences in the negative formPractice
Verb to beNegation BeComplete the sentences with ( 'm not, isn't or aren't)Practice
Yes / No questionsYes/No questions2.3 Write short answers (Yes, I am. / No, he isn’t. etc.Practice
Verb to beBe : Past formWrite was or were.Practice
ComparativeComparative : Old/olderShort words (1 syllable)
Long words (2/3/4 syllables)
Possessive adjectivesPossessive AdjectivesMatch the sentences. Write the letter(A,B,C ..)Practice
Present SimplePresent SimpleComplete the sentences with the Present Simple of the verbs in parentheses.Practice
Possessive 'sPossessive 'sWrite sentences using the prompts.Practice
Present SimplePresent Simple (affirmative)
Complete the text with the verbs in brackets in the present simple.Practice
Prepositions of placePrepositions of PlaceLook at the picture and choose the correct preposition to complete the sentences.Practice
Questions in Present SimpleQuestions in present simpleWrite sentence questions in the present simple using the prompts.Practice
Verb to beBe : FutureWrite " will be " or " won't be"Practice
There is/areThere is / wasMake present or past questions with there is etc.Practice
Present SimpleNon-Progressive VerbsMake sentences.Practice
Verb to beBe going toChoose the correct optionPractice
have/has gotHave ... Have gotYou can say I have or I've got, he has or he's got:Practice
Past Simple vs Past continuousI Was Doing (Past Continuous)
was/were + -ing is the past continuousPractice
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