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1- Write the contracted for of the verb To BE
1- I am  =  I'm
2-  She is = 
3-  You are = 
4-  They are  =
5- He is  = 
6- It is  = 
7- We are  = 
2- Complete with am - is - are
1- The weather     is    nice today.
2-  I    not poor .
3- This bag   not light.
4- Look ! Here   Albert.
5- These girls   my friends.
6- My sister and I   good swimmers.
7-  Alberta   at work and her children at school.
8- I  a  teacher. My father a doctor
3- Complete with the contracted form of the verb to BE
1- Joseph is ill. He   's  in the hospital.
2- I'm not angry but I tired.
3- My grandmother is very old. She 83 years old.
4-These armchairs aren't comfortable but they beautiful. 
5- Steve is Turkish. He from Istanbul.
6- Anna isn't our teacher. She   our friend.
7- We aren't brothers. We very good friends.

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