verb to Be : Past form​

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be: past form :

Where were you ? I was in Turkey.

We can make  the verb To Be in the Past tense by in the following structure 

Affirmative : 
I was you were  he/she/it  was  we were  theywere
Question : was ? were you  ?was  he/she/it ? were we ? were  they ?
Negative :  l was not    you were not  he/she/it was not  we were not  they were not

Contractions :               was not =  wasn't                                         were not =  weren't 

1- Put was or were.

Write was or were.

The lunch  OK, but the vegetables    not very good.
2 I can't find my keys. They    here this morning.
3 It    cold and dark, and we     tired.
4 My grandmother    a doctor, and her two brothers       both doctors too.
5       you in London yesterday?' 'No, I    in Glasgow
6 'When    your exam?" It       yesterday
7 'Why      you late?' 'The train      late.'

Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

1 good party was The   
2 people were The interesting
3 teacher father Your was a
4 Everybody was late
5 your was driving test When
6 Tuesday you Where on were
7 open windows Why the all were
8 John's brother school was with at you

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