A2 English: Express Yourself with Confidence

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About Course

“Welcome to ‘The Speaking Cats’ General English Course, designed to boost your speaking prowess! With 19 captivating lessons, we dive into everyday topics that make language learning engaging and practical.

**What to Expect:**
– **Lesson 1**: Explore your interests.
– **Lesson 2**: Share your holiday experiences.
– **Lesson 3**: Describe your daily routine.
– **Lesson 4**: Talk about your family.
– **Lesson 5**: Discuss your favorite things.
– **Lesson 6**: Delve into the world of art.
– **Lesson 7**: Learn to apologize.
– **Lesson 8**: Embrace a new look.
– **Lesson 9**: Create a radio advertisement.
– **Lesson 10**: Chat about coffee.
– **Lesson 11**: Personality traits
– **Lesson 12**: Discover good places.
– **Lesson 13**: Ask for directions.
– **Lesson 14**: Always tell the truth.
– **Lesson 15**: Review a movie.
– **Lesson 16**: Share your dreams.
– **Lesson 17**: Talk about past habits.
– **Lesson 18**: Describe an accident.
– **Lesson 19**: Discuss current events and news.

Our course fosters a dynamic learning environment that encourages active participation and student-centered learning. We’ll focus on honing your speaking skills, promoting fluency, and enhancing your ability to communicate confidently in real-life situations.

**Why Choose Us:**
– Engaging lessons covering diverse topics.
– Interactive learning to keep you actively involved.
– Experienced instructors providing instant feedback.
– 24/7 support for your learning journey.
– Affordable pricing to make quality education accessible.

At ‘The Speaking Cats,’ we’re dedicated to helping you become a more confident English speaker. Join us today and embark on a journey of language improvement!”

*For more information and to enroll, visit our home

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Course Content

General English A2
Welcome to 'The Speaking Cats' English Course - Explore 19 Engaging Lessons to Improve Your Language Proficiency! Dive into topics from holidays to dreams and more.

  • What Are You Interested In?
  • My holiday
  • My day
  • My Father
  • Favourite Things
  • Works of Art
  • I’m Sorry
  • New Look
  • A radio advertisement
  • Drink coffee
  • More Talkative
  • Good Places
  • Directions
  • Tell the Truth
  • A Movie
  • My dream
  • I Used to
  • An Accident
  • The News

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