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We often use going to when we can see the future in the present - when a future situation is starting, or obviously on the way.

Affirmative :  I am going to swim        you are going to swim          he/she is going to swim
Questions :   am I going to swim?          are you going to swim?         is he/she going to swim?
Negative :  I am not going to swim     you are not going to drive       etc. 

Contractions :    I'm       You aren't 

Choose the correct option

1- The woman ___________ make a cup of coffee for her husband.

2-  Albert and Max __________ have a breakfast together.

3-   I  _________ play soccer with my friends next week.

4- She got a love letter from her boyfriend. She ________ read it alone in her room.

5- Don't play football here ! You' ________  break the window

Make questions with going to.

1 Jane / change her school 
2 where /you / put that picture
3 what /you /buy for Steven's birthday
4 Mark/ play football / tomorrow
5 when / you / stop smoking
6 Alice / go to university
7 you / phone the police
8 your mother / come and stay with us

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