Have / Have Got​

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Have ... Have got

You can say I have or I've got, he has or he's got:

Have/have got

  • I've got a stomachache 
  • I have green eyes, or I've got green eyes.
  • Tom has two brothers, or Tom has got two brothers.
  • Our car has two doors, or Our car has got two doors.
  •  Anna isn't feeling well. She has a headache, or She's got a headache.
  •  We like animals. We have a horse, three dogs and six cats, or We've got a horse .

I don't have / I  haven't got etc. (negative)
You can say:
Negative : have / have got
I don't have a car. or I haven't got a car.
They don't have any children, or They haven't got any children.

do you have? / have you got? etc. (questions)

Question : do you have have you got ?

Do you have a camera?' 'No, I don't.' or 'Have you got a camera?' 'No, I haven't.'

Write these sentences with got. The meaning is the same.

1 They have two children.       They've got two children
2 She doesn't have a key.         She       
3 Do you have an umbrella?                                            ?
4 I don't have your phone number.    I     your phone number.
5 Does your father have a car?                                        ?
6 How much money do we have?                                   ?

Write these sentences with do/does/don't/doesn't. The meaning is the same.

1 Have you got any money?                 Do you have any money?.
2 I haven't got many clothes.              I   
3 Has Tom got a brother?                               ?
4 How many children have they got?           ?
5 Have you got any questions?                       ?
6 Sam hasn't got a job.                       Sam

Complete the sentences. Choose all the possible answers

1 I'm not feeling very well.

2 Everybody likes Tom.

3 She can't open the door.

4 Quick!. W e _____

I'm unemployed.

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