Licence, Master’s and Doctorate Programs(LMD)

The higher educational system in Europe  is commonly known with  the “LMD” degree structure – which stands for Licence,  Master’s, and Doctorate. 

In order to make it easy for international students to move and integrate within the European higher educational institutions, The European Union has designed LMD system .


LMD has 3 main levels:

Licence/Bachelor :

It lasts between 3-4 years at university  (180 – 240 ECTS)

  • To do this degree, you usually need a high school qualification first.
  • Bachelor’s degrees are highly considered in the working market. It’s the level that provides the student with the basic skills for his career.
  • There are study programmes that is based on lectures and exams. However, Some programs require a period of time working in industry or industry-related projects.


It consists generally of 1-2 years studies after the licence/Bachelor degree

  • To do a Master’s degree, you need a Bachelor’s degree or other undergraduate qualification .
  • Most study programmes consists of lectures and exams. Others may require a period of time working in industry or industry-related projects.


3 years after the completion of Master’s

  • To do a doctorate, you need a Master’s degree.
  • It’s mainly for those who want to :
    • Work in academia
    • Become a specialist in a particular field.
    • Be an industry researcher.
  • Doctorates is based on independent study and research related to a particular subject. There are some classes but  usually you carry out independent research, supervised by one of your professors.

ETCTS Credit transfer

ETCTS stands for the  European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.It’s a tool of the European Higher Education Area that  allows  counting the credits that a student gets. Thus,  it helps students to move between countries and have their academic qualifications and studies abroad recognized .

We hope that you found our article helpful. If you are planning to study abroad then you need to get ready by preparing the most important requirement such as the language test IELTS. For more information about IELTS then read this article.

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