Our teachers come from different countries of the English-speaking world. Highly qualified and experienced experts in teaching foreign languages.

Learning a language is more than just learning vocabulary and grammar rules. In our live online classes, your kids work with real teachers, not just videos. The lessons take place both as a group and as an individual lesson. Classes are offered 24 hours a day. This is possible because we employ English teachers from all over the world. In addition to these lessons, we also provide your kids with study material for self-study.

The Speaking Cats offers your kids a comprehensive learning experience by combining live lessons in small groups and live private lessons. Through contact with other teachers from all over the world, your kids can learn languages under realistic conditions.

Our language teachers are language enthusiasts who love teaching others their native language. Since our teachers have all the teaching experience, they can adapt well to the level of knowledge of their students, making it easy for them to learn the language. In live individual lessons our teachers dedicate themselves to your kids individual language problems.

The Speaking Cats teachers