Past Simple Vs Past Continuous​

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1-Put the verbs in the past simple.

I (1) flew  (fly)  to Edinburgh on Thursday morning and  (2)           (have) lunch with the Scottish sales team.

 Then I (3)       (visit)  our two factories there and  (4)       (discuss)  our last series of adverts with the  marketing manager.  He (5)         (be/not)  keen on  them, unfortunately. On Friday morning I (6)              (go) to Glasgow  and (7)           (meet)   the architects.  We  (8)           (have) a look at the new office plans and in the  afternoon we (9)         (go)  to see the new office  building.  I (10)            (invite)   the architects  to dinner, but they (11)         (not/be)  free.  I (12)            (take)   the overnight train back to London.

2-Put the verbs into the correct form: past simple or past continuous.

 Aidan Flanagan was born in 1994 in Bray near Dublin,  Ireland. In 2011 he became very seriously ill.  While he  (1) was recovering (recover) at home, his uncle  (2)     (give) him an old drumkit.  He enjoyed  playing and practised in a friend’s garage every evening.   One day in 2013, John Leaf, the manager of several  successful musicians, (3)           (pass) the  garage when he (4)            (hear) Aidan practising.   He (5)          (bang) on the garage door and  (6)         (invite) Aidan to appear in one of the concerts he (7)               (organise) that year.  Aidan, however, (8)            (not accept) Leaf’s invitation, because at that time he (9)              (prepare) for some important school exams.

Aidan (10)             (pass) his exams and (11)            (go) to university to study engineering.  There he (12)            (meet) Kim O’Malley, who (13)       (study) chemistry.  Kim played the saxophone.  Being students, they (14)             (not have) much money and they usually (15)             (work) as waiters at weekends.

One evening in April 2016, while Aidan and Kim (16)             (serve) customers, the manager (17)          (announce) that there would be no live music in the restaurant that night as the  regular band could not come.  Aidan and Kim (18)             (persuade) the manager to let them

 play.  All the customers and staff (19)           (be) amazed to hear how good their music  (20)           (be).  In the next six months Aidan and Kim (21)          (earn) so much money .They (22)               (decide) to leave university and go on tour.  Their success has continued ever since.

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