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Present ContinuousPresent Continuousfill in the blanksPractice
Past SimplePast Simplepast simple: regular and irregular verbsPractice
Past Simple vs Past continuousPast Simple Vs Past ContinuousPut the verbs in the past simple.Practice
Present ContinuousPresent ContinuousComplete the sentences with the present continuous form of the verbsPractice
Present Simple vs present continuousPresent Simple Vs Present Continuous1- Complete the text with the present simple form of the verbs.Practice
Present Simple vs present continuousPresent Simple Vs Continuous
Put the verbs into the correct form: present continuous or present simple.Practice
Present perfect simple & continuousPresent Perfect Simple and ContinuousComplete the email with the present perfect simple form of the verbsPractice
Present Perfect  & ContinuousPresent Perfect & ContinuousChoose the correct alternativePractice
Position of adverbs of frequencyPosition of adverbs of frequency
Select the correct option to complete the sentences.Practice
have/has gotHave/Has gotSelect the correct words to complete the sentencesPractice
Countable & Uncountable Nous: A/an/some/anyCountable & Uncountable Nous: A/an/some/anySelect the correct words to complete the sentences.Practice
QuantifiersQuantifiers : much/many/ a lot (of)
Put the words in the correct order to make sentencesPractice
There is/areThere is/areSelect the correct words to complete the conversationsPractice
Can / could / wouldCan / could / wouldModal Verbs 1: ability, requests and offersPractice
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