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Possessive ’s

We use apostrophe s (’s), also known as possessive ’s, as a determiner to show that something belongs to someone or something:

Is that Martha's bag?

Turkey’s coastline is very beautiful.

We can  use it in complex noun phrases :

Alex is her oldest daughter’s husband.

We can use two possessive ’s constructions in the same noun phrase:

We're invited to Anna’s daughters wedding.

We also use possessive ’s to talk about time and duration:

Is that yesterday’s document?

I’ve had one week’s holiday so far this year.

How do we form the possessive 's ?

singular noun + ’s

plural noun +

The boy’s bedroom

(The bedroom belongs to one boy.)

The boys bedroom.

(The bedroom belongs to more than one boy.)

1-Write sentences using the prompts.

Joseph / dog

 1 It is Joseph’s dog.

the President / house

2     I t           

the baby / chocolate


3       I t                          


the children / toys

4      They                         

the teacher / marker

5 I t                                 

2- Choose the correct words to complete the text.

This is a photo of my brother’s wedding day. This is my brother and his (1) wife / husband                 . Her name is Laura. On the left are Laura’s (2) children / parents           , Jenny and Graham. There’s Laura’s (3) sister / brother             , Sarah and her husband on the left, too. I’m on the right with my brother, Robert. My (4) mother / father               is there, too. Her name is Virginia. My sister, Diana, is in the photo, too.

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