Possessive Adjectives

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1-Match the sentences. Write the letter(A,B,C ..)

1.I’m Martha.                                        A.    Their job is in Paris.                  

2.He’s a teacher.                          B.   Our address is 12 Gokman Avenue.    

3.She’s an engineer.                C.   My e-mail is marty4@gmail.com.        

4.We’re sisters.                        D.   His phone number is 111-404-555.        

5.They’re workers.                  E. Her mother is an engineer, too.              

2- Type the correct word.

  1. A: Are   these / those               your pens over there?

 B: No, they aren’t. These / Those         are my pens here.

A: Oh, maybe they’re Alberts’ / Albert’s        then.


  1. A: Are these men’s / mens’        sunglasses?

B: No, they aren’t. But these / those          over there are.

 A: Thanks.

  1. A: That’s your parent’s / parents’         car, right?

B: No, their / your         car is red. That’s white.

A: So, is it you / your             car?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s my sisters’/ sister’s               .

A: Wow! Her / She’s               car is nice.

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