Present Continuous​

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1-Complete the sentences with the present continuous form of the verbs.

A jenny: Hi, Zoe! (1)        Are you waiting     (you / wait) for the London train? Zoe: No, (2)           (I / meet) my mother off the train from Bristol.


B Mandy: (3)         (this music / disturb) you? James: No, not at all. (4)  (I / enjoy) it.


C Tom: (5)      (anyone / use) this room today? Ellie: (6)      (We / have) a meeting here after lunch, but it’s free now.


D Mina: Why (7)                   (those people / shout)? Finn: (8)                  (They / demonstrate) against the new taxes.


E Ben: (9)                  (you / apply) for university? Craig: (10)                (I / think) about it, but I haven’t decided yet.


F Ava: (11)            (Jane / leave) work early today? Kate: Yes, (12)         (she / fly) to Brussels at five o’clock.


G Josh: (13)            (you / come) to the party on Thursday? Max: No, (14)                (I / work) late, unfortunately.

2- Complete the description using the correct present continuous form of the verbs in the box. Sometimes you need the negative. Use some of the verbs more than once. enjoy - hang - lie - look - stay - sit - turn - wear

The Bellelli Family by Edgar Degas

This is a painting of two sisters, Giulia and Giovanna, with their mother, Laura, and father, Gennaro.  Gennaro (1) is sitting in an armchair by a desk.  He (2)       towards his family.  Laura and Giulia (3)          at something behind Gennaro, but Giovanna (4)       out of the picture towards the artist.  Giulia (5)         on a chair with one foot on the floor.  Both the girls look rather serious.  Perhaps they  (6)         very still for the artist and they (7)         that!  The girls and their mother all have black dresses and the girls (8)         white aprons, but their mother (9)            an apron.  In the room we can see a picture which (10)        on the wall behind Laura and some papers which  (11)           on the desk.

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