Present Perfect Simple & Continuous

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1-Complete the email with the present perfect simple form of the verbs

Hi Flora As you can see, I (1) ’ve arrived (arrive) safely.  Paul and I (2)      (already / do)  lots of things even though (3)       (I / only / be) in New York twenty-four hours.  (4)        (I / not sleep) for two days!  (5)       (I / take) hundreds of  photos already.  Paul (6)       (show) me lots of famous landmarks and  (7)       (I / eat) a real American breakfast.  (8)       (I / ride) in a  yellow cab and (9)       (I / travel) on the subway too.  (10)       (I / not spend) any money yet because Paul (11)        (pay) for everything so far.  I’ll email you again tomorrow when (12)       (I / have) some sleep.

Love, Theresa

2-Complete the conversation with the verbs from the box in the correct form: present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.

be - come - do - drive - find - have - look


Julia is being interviewed by Nicola for a job working with young children.

 Alex:  Come in, Julia.  Please sit down.  Would you like a coffee?

 Anna: Thank you, actually I (1) ’ve just had (just) one.

Alex: Oh good.  Now, do you know this area at all?

Anna: Quite well.  I’ve got friends who live in this town, so I (2)          here for holidays since I was a child.  I’m staying with them at the moment, actually.

Alex: O h, that’s nice.  And do you have a driving license?

 Anna: Yes.  I (3)         for four years now.

Alex: And would you say you’re a careful driver?

Anna: Yes, I think so.  At least I (4)        (never) an accident.

Alex:  Good.  Now, could you tell me why you think you would be right for this job?

 Anna: W ell, I (5)         (always) interested in working with small children.  And I (6)         two holiday jobs looking after children.

Alex: How do you think you would cope in an emergency?

 Anna:  I ’m quite a calm person, I think.  I (7)        a first-aid course too.  I got a certificate.

Alex: That’s good.  Now, this job isn’t permanent, as you know.  We need someone for about a year.  How would that fit with your long-term plans?

Anna: I ’d like to work abroad eventually.  But I want some full-time experience first.  I (8)         a Nursery Teacher’s course this year.  We finish next week, in fact. Alex: When would you be able to start?

 Anna: As soon as I finish my course.

Alex:  Excellent.  And would you live with your friends?

 Anna: W ell, probably not.  I want to rent a small flat.  I (9)        in the paper every day, but I (10)        (not) anything yet.

Alex: W ell, if you get the job, we’ll try to help you.  Now, would you like to come and meet some of the children?

Anna: Oh, yes.

Alex: Right, if you’ll just follow me then.

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