Present Simple Vs Present Continuous ​

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1- Complete the text with the present simple form of the verbs.

What is an eclipse? A solar eclipse (1)  happens  (happen) when the moon  (2)    (pass) in front of the sun.  This only  (3)      (take) place when there is a new moon.  It (4)        (last) for up to 7.5 minutes.

During a solar eclipse, it is dark.  The birds (5)           (not sing), and animals (6)             (keep) still and quiet.  A solar eclipse (7)        (not happen) very often, and most  people (8)          (enjoy) seeing one.  However, it’s important not  to look straight at the sun.  If you (9)       (not remember) this,  you can damage your eyes.

A lunar eclipse (10)          (occur) when the earth’s shadow  (11)         (fall) on the moon.  The moon (12)         (look) dim until it (13)        (come) out from the shadow.

2- Choose the correct answer.

Hi Barbara

(1) I’m having / I have         a great time here in Canada.  My MSc course  (2) isn’t starting / doesn’t start           until next month, at the beginning of September, so (3) I’m making / I make         use of the time to get to know the place.  (4) I’m staying / I stay          near Vancouver with Ryan, my Canadian cousin.  He and his brother Liam (5) are owning / own        a software business.

In the evenings (6) we’re driving / we drive          into the city and go clubbing or see a movie.   (7) I’m making / I make          a lot of new friends.  (8) I’m thinking / I think       my pronunciation is much  better already, and (9) I’m understanding / I understand              almost everything.  On weekdays  (10) I’m helping / I help       Liam.  At the moment (11) he’s working / he works       on their new website and (12) he’s needing / he needs          help with it.  (13) I’m learning / I learn          some useful stuff about how people (14) are doing / do             business in this country.

(15) Do you come / Are you coming             to see me?  (16) I’m spending / I spend          the winter holiday skiing with Ryan and Liam.  (17) They’re wanting / They want           to meet you and there’s plenty  of space.  You must bring lots of warm clothes because (18) it’s getting / it gets               really cold here  in the winter.  Let me know as soon as (19) you’re deciding / you decide           .  And tell me what  (20) you’re doing / you do          these days.

See you in December, I hope.


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