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Possessive Pronouns

We've examined subject and object pronouns, which replace nouns at the sentence's start and end. Now, let's explore possessives. These signal ownership or belonging. First, let's discuss modifiers, which remain consistent whether placed at the beginning or end of a sentence.

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Possessive Modifiers
Fill in the blank with the appropriate possessive modifier.

My sister is reading _____ book.                    She is reading her book.
1. Ben and Bill are in pool.
2. Frank is watching TV.
3. Debbie is near  front door.
4. keys are in her hand.
5. Jim is holding pen.
6. Sam is in room.
7. dogs are in Joe's house.
8. My family is in car.
9. My brother and I are on way.
10. You and your wife are on boat.
11. His wallet is in back pocket.
12. My car keys are in hand.
13. pen is on her desk.
14. The car is in usual place.
15. Their clothes are in closet.

Possessive Pronouns

Fill in the blank with the appropriate possessive pronoun.

My sister is reading her book.                        It's hers.
1. That's their pool.                                            It's 
2. It's his TV.                                                       It's 
3. It's her front door.                                         It's 
4. They're her keys.                                            They're 
5. It's his peri.                                                      It's 
6. It's his room.                                                    It's
7. They're Joe's dogs.                                          They're 
8. It's our car.                                                        It's 
9. It's our way.                                                       It's '

10. That's their boat.                                            It's
11. That's his wallet.                                             It's
12. This is my car.                                                It's
13. They're her pen and her desks.                  They're
14. It's the robot's schedule.                              It's its. Grammatical but not used.*
15. That's our closet.                                            It's 

*To use its you need a noun sentence, such as I am not sure of its use. Note the
apostrophe in the contraction it's and the lack of one with the possessive pronoun its.