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This is the next part of the story about Max. In Chapter 1, we used the nine-grid for stories, using only the verb to be in the present tense (is, am, are).

Here, we will continue with the same format, but we will include simple introductory words like "suddenly" and "fortunately." Additionally, we will use main verbs along with the verb to be. This is still in the present tense.
The Incident in Venice

Listen to the audio and repeat out loud five times.
Pay attention to how you say the words with the rising and falling tone. The words that are verbs are highlighted in blue. If you come across new words, find their meanings at the end of the book and write them above the word. Notice that every sentence starts with a subject, has a verb in the middle, and ends with an object.

I'm a bodybuilder. One day, I'm in Gold's Gym in Venice, California. After training, I go to the parking lot. Suddenly, I hear three gunshots. There are three guys. One of them has a gun. He shoots a man! I think that they're in a gang. It's really dangerous. I go home. Fortunately, I'm not hurt. My girlfriend, Eve, is careful, but she's used to living in Venice.

The Incident in Venice - Pronunciation

Listen to the audio and repeat out loud five times. Focus on the pronunciation and the word connections.

imə bädybilder. One day, aimin Goldz Gym in Venəs, Cæləfornya. æfter training, I go t' tha pärking lat. Suddənly, I hir three gənshots. Therər three guyz. Wənəvəm hazə gən. He shoots a mæn! I think thət thehr inə gæng. It's rilly danjerəs. I go home. Forchənətly, I'm nät hrrt. My girlfriend, Eve, iz carefəl, bət sheez ustə living in Venəs.

Reducing high-frequency words is crucial for effective storytelling. Unstressed vowels are the ones that get reduced in pronunciation, often sounding like a schwa (ə) sound. In the story above, you'll find many schwa (ə) symbols. It's interesting that "the" (thə) is the most commonly used word by Americans. Remember to pronounce the TH sound clearly and have a very reduced schwa sound, like "uh" (ə).

Top 30 High-Frequency Words and Sounds

Listen to the audio and repeat out loud five times.

In Chapter 1, we discovered that nouns represent people, places, and things. Pronouns, like "he" replacing "Joe," also play a role. Now, we're going to enhance nouns with extra details, known as modifiers. Later, we'll explore using prepositions to show location and conjunctions to connect nouns and sentences.