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Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous : Form 

I / You / We / They    have ('ve)
She/ He / It                  has ('s)                                      been reading


I / You / We / They            have not (haven't / 've not)    been      working.

She / He / It                        has not (hasn't / 's not)


                Have    I / You / We / They               been waiting ?
                Has       She / He / It                            been waiting ?          
What       Have        you                                             been doing ?
Where     Has          she                                            been saying  ?

short answers

I / you / we / they      have
           she / he / it                  has

I / you / we / they      haven't
         she / he / it                  has

Use present perfect continuous

to talk about recent continuing activities.
What have you been doing lately?
I've been revising for my exams.
• to explain how recent continuing activities have caused the present situation.
My eyes ache. I've been reading all day.
• to talk about recent continuing activities which will probably continue in the future.
This diagram shows how the climate has been changing.
• with how long questions.
How long have you been studying French?
(this is a continuing process,and isn't finished)
• with time words lately, recently, all (day), every (morning), for, since
I've been studying all morning

1- Complete the sentence using the verb in brackets in the present perfect continuous form

a   I'm sony to keep you waiting. I hope you (not wait) haven't been waiting long
 There you are! We (look for)    you all moming!
c   I feel really tired. I (study)    hard lately.
d   Anna has got a really good suntan. She (go)    to the beach a lot
  Tom needs cheering up. He (have)  a lot of problems lately.
f    I haven't seen you for ages. What (you / do)      ?
g    I (work)       here for the past three years, and I really like it.
h    Sam and Chris (paint)     their room, and their clothes are covered in paint!

2- Use the prompts and how fang to make a question.

a        astronomers / look for Pluto's moons?
           How long have astronomers been looking for Pluto's moons ?

b         archaeologists / hope to find Atlantis?                                                    
c        scientists / use satellites to discover new reefs?                                          

d        physicists / investigate the origin of the universe?                            

e       scientists / observe Vesuvius?                             

f       biologists / try to find new species of mammal?                             

g      archaeologists / excavate the palace in Guatemala?                           

h      doctors / search for a cme for HIV?