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The formula for the simple future of the verb to "Be"  is will + be .
Affirmative :   I you she he it we they   will be 
Question:  will   I you she he it we they   be  ?
Negative :  I you she he it we they  will  not be
Contractions :  I will = I'll              I will notI won't
1- Look at the table and complete the text.

Write " will be " or "  won't be"

A 1 Grammar 1-It     hot in Cairo.
2-  It    warm in Rio.
3- It       cold in Paris.
4- It     warm in London .
5- It       very cold in Moscow .

2- Change these sentences to affirmative or negative

1- I'll be sorry.              
2- It will not be hot.
3- We won't be at home.
4- The shops will be closed.
5- He'll be in Scotland.
6- Lisa will be at school.