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Match the words with the correct pictures.

barbecue - surfing - hammock - sandcastle - watermelon - festival - beach - sandals




Time to Talk 1

Use the verbs from the box below with the nouns in activity 1 to make summer activity phrases. Some verbs can be used more than once.

a) go surfing  
b) build                                    
c) have                                        ( go to a barbecue )
d) lie in                                      
e) go to                                      
f) go to the                                  ( lie on the beach)
g) wear                                    
h) eat                                       

Time to Speak 1

Read the questions below about summer. Make a note of your answers.Add three questions to the list.

1. Do you like summer?
2. What is the best thing about summer?
3. What is the worst thing about summer?
4. Where do you usually go in the summer holidays?
5. ______________ ?
6. ______________ ?
7. ______________ ?

Answer the questions . 
A: Do you like summer?
                   B: Yes, I do. I love going to the beach with my dog.


Match the adjectives in the box with the nouns under the pictures.

heavy  - high - light - low - strong - thick

a)       heavy        cloud              b)        light       rain              c)         snow

low                   temperature       e)                           wind

Use the words in the box to complete the diagrams below.

blizzard - chilly - cold - cool - freezing - heavy snow - light snow - snow





Time to Speak 2

There’s a blizzard outside. You can’t leave your home for three days.
These are the things you have. Add four more things that you would like to have to the list.

1- playing cards
2- spade
3- book
4- television
5- a litre of ice cream
6- coffee maker
7-  _______________
8-  _______________
9-  _______________
10-   _______________

Choose the five best things to have during a blizzard.