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Match the verbs  with the definitions.

1- expect

2- dread

3- look forward to

Use the verbs in the correct form to complete the sentences.

expect - dread - look forward to

1 I haven’t talked to my son for a long time and I’m really   seeing him tomorrow.
2 My boss is really angry, so I’m   our meeting this afternoon.
3 He hasn’t studied for the exam, so he’s   a bad result.

Is there anything you are looking forward to in the next seven days?
Is there anything you are dreading?

Example A: I'm looking forward to the weekend.
                   B: Me too!


Read the list of things below.
Which things do you think are good to do after retirement?
Which do you think are not so good?

Ben is going to retire next week. Look at the pictures. What do you think his plans are?

Listen to Ben talk about his retirement with his friend, Dave.

Check your ideas  and write True or False next to each statement below.

1 Ben plans to travel around the world.  
2 Ben plans to sell his house.   
3 Ben plans to travel on his own.   
4 Ben plans to sleep in a tent.   
5 Ben hasn’t planned where to go first.  

Select the correct option in each sentence to complete what Ben says.

1_______ leave the country and see the world.

2  ______ sell the house.

3 ______ buy a camper van and drive around the world.

4  _____  come with me.

5 _____ usually sleep in the van.

6 Perhaps ______ stay in cheap hotels.

7 We haven’t got any plans, but ______ probably go to Morocco.

Language Focus

We can use going to when we talk about plans for the future.

We can use will to talk about what we expect to happen in the future.

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

______  catch the seven o’clock train. I’ve already got my ticket.

b Sorry, I can’t come to the pub with you tonight. You see, ______  watch a film with Rachel.

c I want to get up early on Saturday, but  ______ oversleep – I usually do!

d I don’t know, but ______  have a haircut this weekend.

e _______ buy a new car because I need a better one.

f A: What are you going to do this weekend?
   B: I’m not really sure yet, but  ______ rent some DVDs.

Sounding Natural

Listen. What happens to the underlined parts of the sentences when we speak naturally?

Time to speak

Use the table to make a note of two things you plan to do, and four things you expect to happen next weekend.

Work with a partner. Tell them about what you plan and expect to happen next weekend. Listen to your partner. Ask questions to get more information.
Example A: I'm going for a drink after work on Friday night. We'll probably go to Rick's bar.
                   B: Why there?
                   A: We always go there.