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1 a Complete the table below with the words from the list below.

cricket bat - curtains - plastic - scissors - wallet - cloth - envelope - metal - shampoo bottle

1 made of metal

2 made of leather

3 made of wood



chest of drawers
coffee table
cricket bat

4 made of   

5 made of   

6 made of paper

CD case



2 Complete the conversations below with a phrase from the list below.

get it  - got it from - got it in - gave it to - made of

1 A: That’s a beautiful handbag, Laura!
   B: Thanks, my husband gave it to me for my birthday.
2 A: That scarf looks really expensive. What’s it  ?
   B: Silk, I think. It’s my favourite scarf.
3 A: Wow! I love your dress. Where did you ?
   B: At a department store. It was half-price.
4 A: This is my favourite necklace. I   my grandmother.
5 A: Where did you buy this painting?
   B: I Europe.

3 a Work with a partner.

Choose something from your bag and use the phrases from activity 2 to tell your partner about it.
Example I got this key chain from my friend. I think she got it in London.

b Talk about your partner’s possession.
Example  Linda got her key chain from her friend. She thinks


Complete the situations with the appropriate word.

_____ in a high-paying job

______  in a large house

______ rich .

________  an expensive car .

Match each statement with the situation

1- You have lots of space for your things.

2- You can buy the things you want.

3- You work long hours

4- You spend lots of money on insurance.

Decide if the statements  describe advantages (A)  or disadvantages (D) of the situations.

1- You have a high salary.                                           
2- Expensive to heat in the winter.                           

3- You can buy the things you want.                        
4- You can go places really fast.                                
5- You spend lots of money on insurance.              

6- People always ask you for money.                       

Time to speak 1

Imagine your house is on fire. Your family, photographs and documents are safe. You can save three more things. Make a list below.



Your Partner










b Work with a partner. Show your partner your list and explain your choices.
Ask questions to get extra information about your partner’s things.
Make a note of their answers in the table above.
Example A: I saved my electric guitar. It's made of maple wood.
                  B: Why is it special?
                  A: I got it from my grandparents for my sixteenth birthday. I love it!

Talk about your partner's answers.
Example Sophie saved her electric guitar. It"s made of maple wood. She got it from her grandparents.

Work with a partner. Read the list of things that can make people happy.
Add four more of your own ideas.

1- living in a big house
2- driving an expensive car
3- owning beautiful art
4- wearing designer clothes
5- ____________
6- ____________
7- ____________
8- ____________


a) Choose the five most important things for a happy life.
b) Decide the three most important things for a happy life.