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Write numbers to match the adjectives on the left with their opposites on the right.

1 pretty                                                      selfish
2 smart                                                      quiet
3 outgoing                                                 rude
4 polite                                                      stupid
5 tidy                                                          mean
6 talkative                                                 messy
7 considerate                                            shy
8 kind                              1                                             ugly

Select the correct option to complete the sentences below.

1 Tom is really _______. He didn’t know he needed a passport to fly to America.

2 Mika gets nervous talking to new people because she’s really _________.

3 A phone call to my sister always lasts so long because she’s so ____________ .

Discuss the questions below.

1 Which adjectives in the first activity describe your parents?
2 Which describe your best friend?


Listen to the conversation and tick  the adjectives  you hear.

Listen again to the conversation between Stuart and Tony. Write Patricia or Alison in the correct places below.

1    2    3    4    5   

Select the correct option to complete the sentences below.

1 Patricia is _________ Alison.

2 But Patricia’s  _________  Alison.

3 Alison is  _________ than Patricia.

 Do you think Stuart will introduce his sister to Tony? Why or why not?

Language Focus

We can compare two things using the comparative forms of adjectives.
                         Who’s messier?
                         My brother’s messier than me.
We form comparative adjectives in this way:

Two common irregular adjectives:

good ====> better
bad ====> worse

We can also use not as…as to compare two things or people.

She’s not as hard-working as Patricia.
She isn’t as hard-working as Patricia.

Use the prompts to rewrite the sentences below. For each sentence, use the same adjective and keep the meaning the same.

a Peter is friendlier than Becky.
Becky isn’t as friendly as Peter.
b Tommy isn’t as tall as Ian.
Ian’s taller than Tommy.
c I’m not as outgoing as my parents.
My parents are     
d Jonathan’s desk is tidier than mine.
My desk isn’t     
e My father isn’t as talkative as my mother.
My mother’s     
f My new neighbours aren’t as considerate as my old ones.
My old neighbours were       
g Marcos is older than Manny.

Manny isn’t        
h I’m not as considerate as my brother.
My brother’s        

Sounding Natural

Listen and copy the pronunciation.

Time To Speak
Think about how you compare to your best friend. Then read the questions below and make a note of your answers. Add two more questions

1. Who is more talkative?
2. Which one of you is tidier?
3. Are you as hard-working as your best friend?
4. Who is kinder?
5. ____________ ? 
6. ____________ ? 

Ask and answer the questions.
Example     A: Who is more talkative?
                       B: I am. My friend Gina is a very quiet person.