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1 Write each city above the list of things you can do there.

Las Vegas - Sydney - Cairo 

play blackjack - see the Grand Canyon - visit the Hoover Dam - watch a boxing match

visit a mosque - look at really old buildings - shop at outdoor markets - ride a camel

go on a harbour cruise - visit the Opera House  - sit on the beach - go whale watching

2 Which city looks the most interesting? Which city looks the least interesting? Why?


Listen to two people talking. Tick the city they talk about.

Listen again and choose true or false .

1 Paul had a great time.

2 Paul flew to Sydney.

3 Megan had a good holiday.

4 Megan ate junk food .


Match the questions with the answers.
When did you get back?

2 How did you get there? By plane?

3 Did you stop on the way?

4 Where did you stay?

5 Did you have a good holiday?

4 Who is happy about their holiday? Who isn’t so happy? Why?

Language Focus

We use the past simple to talk about completed actions in the past (we often say when it happens, e.g. yesterday, last Saturday/week/summer, at the weekend).

I played golf last Saturday.
I didn’t go to work yesterday.

5 a)  Complete the paragraph with the past form of the verbs from the list below .

                           get up - be - drive - fly - have - leave
Last Monday I    from Seoul to Melourne. I   at five o'clock in the morning and I   breakfast. At five fourty-five I   home and   to the airport. When I arrived at the airport , I checked-in and then waited for my flight. The plane was three hours late because the weather   bad. So I landed in Melbourne at three o'clock in the morning. Finally, I   a taxi to my friend's house.

b) Listen and check your answers.

6 Use the prompts in the parentheses to make questions about Wayne’s journey in activity 5.

a (when / fly / Melbourne)          When did he fly to Melbourne?
b (what time / get up)                   
c (did / leave / house / five o’clock)                
d (how / get to / airport)               

Sounding Natural

Listen to the sentences below.
How do we say the underlined words when we speak naturally?

Time to speak

8 a) Read the questions below and make a note of your answers.

1. When was your last holiday?
2. Where did you go?
3. Who did you go with?
4. Do you want to go there again?
5. ________________ ?

6. ________________ ?
7. ________________ ?

b ) Write three more questions for your partner about what they did on their last holiday.

9  Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions in activity 8.
A: When was your last holiday?
                  B: Last autumn.