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Time: ​40 minutes

  (You will have approximately 30 minutes to work, plus 10 minutes to transfer your  answers onto the answer sheet.)    

Instructions to Candidates    

 Listen carefully. You will hear instructions for each part of the paper. 

 Answer each question.  

 While you are listening, record your answers in the question booklet.   

When the recording has finished, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. In the actual exam you need to use a pencil.  

Information for Candidates   

This test has ​four​ parts.  

 You will hear each part only 1 time.   

This test contains​ 40​ questions.  

 Each question is worth one point.    

Throughout the test, you will be given time to study the questions and check your answers.

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Section 1
Questions 1 - 10

Complete the notes below.

Type of account: deposit account
Name of account decided on:       1   
Customer’s name: 2   Fox
Date of Birth:                                   3     1970
Current address: 10, 4    House South Quay
Duration of time living there: about    5    month(s)
Address(before): Flat 3, Canada House
  Street, Edinburgh
Office number: 02072356735
Home number:    7     
Occupation:    8     
Identity (security): Name of his    9      Monica
The account opening sum: £    10      

Section 2 Questions 11 - 20

Section 2  Questions 11 - 20
Questions 11 - 14

Choose the correct letters A - C

The Elizabeth House

Jonathan Owen bought the house in 1965 as it was built in the way of

12. Jonathan Owen has been employed in the university of Canterbury as

13. Jonathan Owen succeeded in his business so much, but he suffered from

14. Where did he gather his building material from?

Questions 15- 20

Questions 15- 20

Complete the sentences below:
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS in each gap

- Sun Rainbow was designed by Owen’s brother who had studied 15 in Paris
- There is a   16    tree with 200 years old near the entrance
- You can find the shop between the path and   17 
- In the snack bar, you will be able to take rest and get      18   
- Through  19      there is a beautiful walk
- Both   20    and grapes are the local products that are promoted and marketed every year with a variety of events and festivals.

Section 3: Questions 21-30

Section 3:  Questions 21-30

Questions 21 - 24

Complete the table below:

Gallery Marketing

The place to get information about museums and galleries in England

at 21 

Research methods

22  , questionnaires or emails

Total respondents


The compared objects of 24    fair

Male and Female

Questions 25 - 30

Questions 25 - 30

Complete the summary below:
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS in each gap

Of the countries chosen ceramic of  25    is a unique kind that the researchers are interested in. On    26      Of ceramic, the decoration is compared with artwork of the present time.
The natives made the ceramic from   27    , like mountain, basement, and the bottom of the lake. From   28    plants, the natives made various colours through the process of 29     The tones of ceramic were used by   30    

Section 4: Questions 31-40

Section 4:  Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 36

Choose the correct letters A - C

Waste issues in the UK

The waste collection in the UK compared to other European nations

32. What did the local government do to reduce waste?

33. What kinds of flea markets is in the UK?

34. What did the UK flea market vendors sell?

35. What hindrance in opening more flea markets is in the UK?

36. How much waste (electronic and furniture goods) is recycled annually in the UK flea markets?

Questions 37 - 38

Questions 37 - 38

Choose two letters A- E

37 & 38.
Which two solutions in handling the recycling problems of office papers in the UK?

Questions 39 - 40

Questions 39 - 40

Choose two letters A- E

39 & 40.
Which TWO reasons are encouraging UK people to reuse waste?