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Read the words below and find each thing in the pictures above.
Write A or B next to the words to show which pictures they are in.


block of flats . cottage    countryside    farm     fields       town       train    office buildings    village      

Do you like the town or the countryside? Why?


Sally is on holiday. Read what Sally says about her life and her holiday.
Write 1 or 2 to match the paragraphs with the pictures on this page.

Paragraph 1
 My name's Sally Jones . My husband , Jim , and I live in a big house in the centre of London . We have very busy lives . Jim works six days a week in a bank , and I'm an architect . I design buildings , usually office buildings , but my boss sometimes asks me to work on something different , like a block of flats . It's interesting work , but quite difficult . I sit all day in my office and I draw page after page of plans . I can't make mistakes . If I do , the buildings might fall down !

Paragraph 2

Because we work so hard , Jim and I really enjoy our free time . Right now , we're on holiday for a week in a small village in the Cotswolds . We're staying in a lovely little holiday cottage . I love the countryside ! Today , the sun's shining and I'm standing outside in the garden , doing my favourite thing - I'm painting some beautiful red roses . I'm really enjoying myself ! I'm not thinking about work at all ! Jim's enjoying himself , too . What's he doing ? He's playing golf , of course !

Holiday                                                                                                                              Holidays


Read paragraph 1 again and answer the questions below.

1 Where do Sally and Jim live? London.     
2 Where does Jim work?                                
3 What is Sally’s job?                                      
4 What does Sally design?                             


Read paragraph 2 again.
Choose T (true) or F (false) next to each statement below.

Sally and Jim are in London right now.


2 The weather is good today


3 Sally is in her office today.


4 Jim is on a golf course today

We can use the present continuous to talk about what is true for a short time around now.

be + -ing form of the verb
I’m standing outside in the garden.
The sun’s shining.
I’m not thinking about work.
He isn’t working today.

Questions and short answers

What’s he doing?
A: Is he staying in that hotel?
B: Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t.
A: Are we sitting in the right seats?
B: Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t.

Practice here 
Read the prompts below. write four more prompts.

You are running to catch a bus.
You are eating a very spicy curry.
3- ___________________
4- ___________________
6- _____________________