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Write the words from the box in the correct lists below.

action - horror - jazz - pizza - rock - shopping - sports - tapas

















Use the words from the table below and make 3 sentences similar to the following example. 

I really like  ...     pizza ...   but I don't like  ... tapas  ...

I really like ____ but I don't like _____


Listen and answer. Write Roger’s responses in the correct place.

Do you like watching action films? - Great. And maybe we can go to the cinema
after. - I like it a lot. I love Spanish food! - I’d love to. Where would you like to eat? - No, thanks. I’ve got tea. - No, I’m not. Why? - Oh. Hi, Sally. - So, it’s a date! I’ll see you after work. 

Sally   :   
Hi Roger
Roger :  Oh. Hi, Sally.
Sally : 
I'm going to the break room. Would you like a coffee ? 
Roger :                                   
Sally : 
Hey , are you busy tonight ?
Roger :                                  
Sally :
Um... would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
Roger :                                   
Sally  :
Well ... do you like tapas ?
Roger :                                   
Sally : 
I do, too. And I know a nice Spanish restaurant near here.
Roger :                                  
Sally  :
Ok what would you like to see ?
Roger  :                                   
Sally  :
They're my favorite. I think there's a new one playing at the Cineplex.
Roger :                                     


Write each question in the correct part of the table.

Would you like a coffee?
Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
Do you like tapas?
Do you like watching action films?

Asking about what someone usually likes.




An offer or a suggestion.




1. We can ask about what someone usually likes with do you like…?

do you like                  + plural
or uncountable nouns
                                        + -ing form
of the verb

Do you like
American films?
Do you like salad?
Do you like playing golf?

Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.

2. We can make offers or suggestions with would you like…?

would you like    + singular noun
                                     to + base form of the verb

Would you like a banana?                   Yes, please.
                                                                        No, thank you.

Would you like to watch a film tonight?        Yes, I’d love to. / Good idea. / OK.
                                                                                       Sorry, I’m busy. / Actually, I can’t.

Complete the questions below with Do you like or Would you like

 ________________  dogs?


__________________ watching films?


__________________ to go bowling tonight?


_____________ doing housework?


______________ novels?

Practice B

Choose  the best answers on the right for each question.

1- Do you like dogs ?


2- Do you like watching films?


Would you like to go bowling tonight?


4- Do you like doing housework?


5-  Do you like novels?

A- You are going to suggest something for you and your partner to do on a night off. Read the ideas below.

restaurant - cinema -  DVD  - theatre  - music - sports - takeaway pizza  - TV - club

Do you like dancing?

1- Do you like _________ ?
2- Do you like _________ ?
3- Do you like _________ ?
4- Do you like _________ ?
5- Do you like _________ ?
6- Do you like _________ ?

B- Answer the questions.