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1-Complete the sentences with ( 'm not, isn't or aren't) .

A: Look! Is that a teacher from your class?

B: He (1 )            a teacher. He’s a student! That one is the teacher.

A: Are the teachers at your school from the Australia?

B: No, they (2 )            . They’re American.


C: Are you from France?,

D: No, I (3 )         . I’m from Spain. My wife’s French. Her name’s Sophie.

C: Is she from Sevilla ?

D: No, she (4 )              . She’s from Barcelona.

2- Decide if the sentence is “correct” or “incorrect”.

1 He’s isn’t from the England.


2 She isn’t from Germany, she’s from Austria.



 They’re on a train.



I not am at the hotel.



My name isn’t John, it’s Joseph.