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Non-progressive verbs

Some verbs are most often used in simple tenses, not progressive, even if we mean Just now
I like this weather. (Not  I'm liking this weather
What does she wont? (not What is she wanting)


believe, hate, hope, know, like, love, mean, need, prefer, remember, seem, think (=have an opinion'), understand, wont.

I hate this music.        ' We're late.' 'l know.'       ' I love that color.       'Do you understand?
What does this mean?       'She needs some help.       He  seems unhappy.

1- Make sentences.

1 What / this word / mean  
2 Rob/want/to see the doctor
3 She/love/me
4 Peter/seem/tired
5 We / need / a new car 
6 You / know / that man 
7 I / hate/this cold weather
8 You / like / this music 
9 I / remember/ her address 
10 you / understand / this letter ?

2- Complete the sentences with verbs from the boxes.

hope - like - need - not matter - not understand - prefer -  not remember - want

1'Przepraszam!''Sorry, I     
2 'Would you like some coffee?' 'No, thank you. I     tea, if that's OK
3 'What do you think of this music?' 'l        it
4 I'm going to the shops. Do we     anything?
5 'I 've broken a cup 'It  
6 I     it doesn't rain tomorrow.
7 Sorry, I     your name.
8- what    Paul    for his birthday?