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1-Match the expressions 1–12 with their functions a–e. Put the numbers from the smallest to the biggest (1 , 5 , 8 etc.)

1 First and foremost, we need to look at the sales.

2 I am here today to talk about development.

 3 If that is all clear, let’s move on to fi nance.

4 If you’d like me to elaborate on that, I can.

5 Let me take you through that in more detail.

6 Let me talk you through that with an example.

7 So to recap on what I have been saying …

8 Turning now to our future plans …

9 My focus today is on Brazil.

10 Now, does anyone have any questions?

11 One thing is clear, it is a very large market.

12 More specifically, we need to look at this area here.


a Introducing the presentation topic                           

b Changing focus                                                               

c Going into detail                                                           

d Summarising and inviting questions                   

e 1 Highlighting a main point                                         

2-Complete the sentences from a presentation with the words in the list below.

focus - in conclusion- emphasis- first and foremost -absolutely obvious- talk - perspective -moving on -recap- table- specifically- is clear- take -turn

1 Thanks very much for your warm welcome. My focus topic today is regional development for the group with a particular         on Latin America.

2 One thing       , we really need to have a larger presence in this region if we wish to increase our market share.

3       , I would like to give you some statistics about the country which will put things into       .

4 It’s       that with a market this size we need good distribution and that is one of the areas I would like to       you through.

5       from distribution, let’s now       to finance and look at the numbers.

6 This        shows the population by age and area and I would like to       you through it in some detail.

 7 So       , this is the region I feel we should concentrate on; more       , these two cities. ,

8 So to       on what I’ve been saying. This is a great opportunity and I would like to offer my full support to this initiative.