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Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences.

1-  The zoo's main ___________________________ are the pandas.


The teacher was__________ with the student because he didn’t do his homework.


Before I set off on my journey, my father told me to drive________.


What's the_____________ between increase and decrease?


I hired a ________________to take pictures at my wedding.


Despite his age, he leads an _________________ life.


She completed the project_____________ and was promoted.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words

  • I love sitting on my new sofa. It's so             (Comfort)
  • She chose light-coloured furniture to             (bright) up her dull flat.
  • It’s certainly          (danger) to drive at high speed.
  • August is a       (peace) month in our city, as everyone is away on holiday.
  • The               (rob) held up the bank and stole £200 000.
  • Nobody could find the             (solve) to the difficult Maths problem.