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1-Complete the text with the verbs in brackets in the present simple.

Silvia (1) is (be) from Russia. She (2)           (live)  with her son and her father.

 They (3)                 {live) in Moscow. Silvia  (4)             {be) an French teacher. She (5 )                   (work) in a school in a small village.

She (6 )             (go) to work by bus. Salvia's son and her father (7)            (work) in a small factory.

The factory (8)       (be) next to the city. They (9)        (go) to work by car.

2-Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

1- ________  live in a small town in Italy.


_______  works for a small company.


_____  works in a hotel.


______  go to work by bus.


_______ goes to school on foot.