Welcome to your Present Perfect /ever

1- Complete the answers. Some sentences are positive and some negative. Use these verbs: be - be - eat - happen - have - have - meet - play - read - see – try

What’s Mark’s sister like? I’ve no idea.  I’ve never met her.

 2 Is everything going well? Yes, we haven’t had any problems so far.

3 Are you hungry? Yes.  I            much today.

4 Can you play chess? Yes, but I                          for ages.

5 Are you enjoying your holiday? Yes, it’s the best holiday I                     for a long time.

6 What’s that book about?     I don’t know . I                    it.

7 Is Brussels an interesting place? I’ve no idea.I                      there.

8 I heard your car broke down again  yesterday.  Yes, it’s the second time it              this month.

9 Do you like caviar? I don’t know. I                  it.

10 Mike was late for work again today.  Again?  He                       late every day this week.

11 Who’s that woman by the door? I don’t know. I                        her before.

2-Write questions with ever.

1 (ride / horse?)   Have you ever ridden a horse?

2 (be / California?)   Have                       ?

3 (run ?)                                 in a marathon  ?

4 (speak / famous person?)                                      ?

5 (most beautiful place / visit?)   What’s                                   ?